‘White Heart Fire’Healing, Trust & Transformation…

I have just finished this painting, embodying some of the recent teachings I was given to share after a shamanic journey to visit with one of my oldest teachers.

Walking a ‘shamanic’ path is one of constant effort, testing, refining and transforming (as is any spiritual path worth its salt.)

It is one that demands us to always be willing to take that next step, to let go of old paradigms and misconceptions (no matter how comfortable we are in them), to die and transform.

To do this takes trust, trust in ourselves and trust in our spirits. No matter how demanding things get in our lives, please remember that there is so much help available to us… to you, our spirits are always there holding space for us … we only need ask for their help and assistance and they will answer.

May you all walk well with your spirits during this week ahead.

Gabrielle x


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