Our Spirits Are Always With Usguidance, teachings & support…

A recently finished painting taken from some teachings I received whilst on a journey, about the abundance of spiritual support and help we all have available to us.

We are held at all times by our Spirits, we have been since before taking our first steps into this world and will continue to be long after we leave this mortal coil. The amount we can access this support and guidance depends on how conscious we are of our relationship with our Spirits and how much we nurture and grow it.

From my personal experience these are infinitely rewarding and nourishing relationships, full of beauty, support and love.

If you don’t already have a relationship with your Spirits / Teachers / Guides and would like to start one, simply ask them for help or to make themselves known to you and open your heart.

May you all walk well with your spirits during this week ahead.

Gabrielle x


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