Working closely with the Land and Ancestors, Gabrielle’s work explores several core themes including those of remembrance, transformational journeys, inscendence & healing.

Through trance, ceremony, divination, journeying and guided mark-making, Gabrielle bridges teachings, experiences and encounters with the Unseen into luminous maps.


“As an animist & cræft practitioner the focus of my work and path is relationships. It is an ongoing exploration of the liminal thresholds at the intersection of humanity, the Land and the Unseen.

My craft is one of re-enchantment, of casting a light on the unseen beauty and deep mystery of the world(s) that surround us. It is an evocation to those mysteries that sit coiled, waiting patiently at the periphery, unnoticed behind the static of our busy everyday lives. It is an offering to the imminently present and vast Unseen ecology of beings that we are constantly in relationship with, our lives intimately intertwined within the web in a perpetual symbiotic dance.

It is my wish that my work might also serve as a reminder of the deeply profound beauty & wholeness that resides within each of us. To help us remember that we do not need to ‘get rid’ of anything, only transmute and transform the misconceptions that we hold about ourselves and what it means to be human.

That we might dare to remember that we are luminous beings. Ones capable of becoming a powerful, blazing embodiment of truly healed inscendent beings. Beings capable of co-existing in right relationship with the countless other beings, both seen and Unseen that we have the great privilege to share this beautiful space and time with.”