Byrht Heorte - Bright Heart by Gabriel Tamaya

Byrht Heorte

Byrht Heorte – bright heart… This recently finished piece is from further journey work mapping teachings around power and how we hold our Power (with a big ‘P’) as we walk our path… […]

Beorn Heorte by gabriel tamaya

Beorn Heorte

Beorn Heorte (Bear Heart) – Carrying our light into the world… Beorn Heorte is a painting that I started a long time ago and only finished last year, it was one of those pieces that needed time to deepen… […]

Hēafodwindas - the four winds by Gabriel Tamaya


Hēafodwindas – the four Master Spirits of the four directions… […]

Forþmodor - Ancestral Mothers by Gabriel Tamaya


Forþmodor – Ancestral Mothers… I honour and call on the blessings, guidance and protection of all our foremothers. May they grant us… […]

Hælugeard - A Place Of Healing by Gabriel Tamaya


Hælugeard – a place of healing… This painting was bridged from some recent journeying and ceremony work around all the chaos and change I have been witnessing going on in the world… […]

Kin Fylgja by Gabriel Tamaya

Kin Fylgja

Kin Fylgja – ancestral protectors, guides and teachers… This painting, from several years ago, is taken from some powerful experiences & teachings I received whilst… […]

Eorð waccan - Awakening The Land

Eorð waccan

Eorð waccan – Awakening the Land… Wishing you all a luminous & magical week… […]

Fearless / Gods As Monsters by Gabriel Tamaya


Unforhtigende (Fearless) – ‘Even gods will appear as monsters, when approached with fear…’ I completed this piece a while ago which is taken from some … […]

Seidrmadr by Gabriel Tamaya


Seiðmadr… Wishing you many blessings on your path ahead through these times of change… […]

Waccan - Awakening by Gabriel Tamaya


Waccan – Awakening… I have finally finished this piece, which is taken from a large body of shamanic & healing cræft work I have dedicated to the ancestors… […]

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