‘The Boldness In Becoming’ Acting from our Heart, despite any fears we may encounter and heeding the call to our Soul’s path in this world…

This painting is the culmination of several journeys and weeks work around the noble virtue of ‘Boldness’ and the medicine it can bring when we embrace it consciously in our lives.

It is about the reoccurring theme of ‘becoming’ that I encounter in my work and is the third painting in the recent series I have been sharing (see also ‘Our Spirits Are Always With us’ & ‘White Heart Fire’.)

These paintings follow and map the theme of healing, surrendering our old hindering patterns and ways of being, growing trust and listening to the teachings & guidance of our Spirits so that we may find the boldness to step into our becoming!

Boldness has shown itself to be a truly powerful medicine, one which is essential in becoming who we came here to be and fully realising all that we are as we begin to express our luminous selves!

Wishing you all boldness in your becoming and a luminous weekend!

Gabrielle x


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