Hawk & Falcon Dreaming MedicineFocus, clear intent & tracking…

Recently I have been working extensively with Falcon and her medicine, she has turned up in my recent painting as well as accompanying me on my journeys to share her teachings with me.

As is often the case (as anyone who walks this path will know,) these teachings can continue through to the physical world, showing up at anytime and anywhere if we are open to them. Last week I was privileged to witness two teachings, one from Falcon and one from Hawk. The first instance I was eating in a restaurant sat by a window with my family, and I was witness to a Peregrine Falcon hovering no more than 5 meters away from the window, hunting and then catching a small vole.

Just in case that was not clear enough (sometimes I am a slow learner!) I was then witness a few days later to a Sparrowhawk hunting and catching a starling a few meters away outside my studio! I was mindful enough after my last encounter to grab my camera to capture this amazing teaching. Both events blew me away, I have never witnessed something quite so beautiful, profound and wild so close.

I primarily work with Falcon medicine, but Hawk is a close cousin and clearly wanted to share in the lesson. My artwork is in large part thanks to her (Falcons) teachings, guidance and medicine. Her teachings for me are primarily around focused dreaming, clarity of intent and tracking dreams to bridge into this world.

Her timing is impeccable as always! 🙂

Blessings to you on your path, may your eyes and heart be open to the lessons your spirits wish to share with you!

Gabrielle x


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