The Gifts Are In The Signs.

Traveling with a serpent staff
opening the lungs to breath
a tree bursts forth through the heart that sees
its roots deep in the eternal pool.

A falcon hovers
then rises up
into its becoming
the signs are clear
the time is now!

Stars seeded in the earth
now bear fruit
their dreaming cycle complete.

The journey is hard
many trials await
each a gateway
to the next step.

The boldness is in the sign
the eye in the heart has opened
the fetters of fear have dissolved

Two hands offering
He is here
then He is gone
emerging then fading
growing stronger.

A crown of feathers
a serpent staff in the ground
the alchemical marriage of earth & sky.

Rivers of light flowing
vast and endless
from the stars
our forgotten origins.

Mastery and clarity of intent
are the parents of dreaming
through boldness all obstacles fall away
fear finds no hold.

Immanent presence in all worlds
tending the luminous fibers of the web
weaving is dreaming
The Gifts Are In The Signs!

Gabrielle x


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