‘The Deepest of Healings’ – Soul healing by the River…

This charcoal study is for a painting I am currently finishing and is taken from my initial mapping of a shamanic journey (see touch drawings in my last post) about some deep healing that took place recently with a teacher by a river.

Something that I have noticed as I bridge these maps of the soul, is that the initial teaching and medicine of a map grows and takes on a life of its own as I birth them into the physical.

My initial touch drawings, mapping the emotion and feeling of the journey, were very personal and powerful maps that helped me to anchor and ground the experience and teachings I received.

These have now shifted in feel through the charcoal studies I have been creating, moving from a personal map into a universal one. The painting taken from the charcoal study has deepened the the teachings a step further still.

I will share the painting next week once it has been completed.

Wishing you all a luminous weekend!

Gabrielle x


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