NornirAncestral Spirits of the Black Sky…

This painting is taken from some journey work and an encounter that I had both within a journey as well as some powerful visitations I had during the preceding nights. They were each such strong experiences with such clarity that I have tried to express them as simply as I can, despite it being a slight departure from how I usually paint.

The painting / map was built up from many, many layers encompassing the various elements of the journey both in paint as well as texture, which you can see faint echoes of in the depths of the darkness.

Before I made my journey, as I was preparing and making offerings Moth visited me. She (a large Yellow Underwing / Noctua pronuba) landed on my altar and then fluttered onto my hand, where she let me ever so gently stroke her before flying off and disappearing as mysteriously as she appeared.

During my encounters with the Nornir, these ancient and simultaneously timeless beings repeated the message that to paint the energy of the encounter was the message / teaching. It reminded me of one of the very first teachings and guidance I received as I started bridging these paintings & maps to the sacred – ‘that each painting is an altar
to an energy.’ This painting fully realises and embodies this teaching in a way I have not felt before and has an especially powerful

Wishing you all a luminous week ahead!

Gabrielle x


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