Great Grandmother Bear – The Truth Of Our Nature…

Standing in the snow before us, there was a figure with a long dark
eye-shade and a coat that reached to the ground decorated with all
manner of sacred items. I could not see their face, but they had a
very strong presence and seemed to stand out more intensely from
anything else. They had been sent to escort us on our journey for
further teachings.

They mounted a reindeer and indicated for me to follow them. We raced
off covering a great distance in a matter of minutes and just as I
thought we were going travel up into the sky, we approached and
entered a cave between two tall cairns with a single standing stone
whose path wound steeply downward into the earth. We descended
rapidly, crossing through a threshold of brilliant light to then
emerge into a vast cavern deep underground. There before us was a
gathering of maybe 60+ figures standing in a large circle around a
central circular opening in the ground. We approached the circle where
space was made for us and they all began drumming and singing upon
which my guide indicated for me to join them.

As the drumming and singing increased in tempo and intensity a fire
emerged from the center of the circle out of the opening, growing more
and more intense until the giant figure of Great Grandmother Bear rose
upward out of the flames. Fully standing She was nearly 100ft tall and
had an overpowering presence. As the drumming and singing faded down
She called me forward. Bending down and kneeling on the ground She
then proceeded to produce a large circular golden mirror which She
placed vertically on the ground in front of me. The mirror was well
over 10ft tall and almost completely filled my field of vision. Great
Grandmother then told me to look carefully into the mirror.

As I looked the reflections of the cave and circle started to melt
away into a deep starlit darkness, a vast luminous swirling universe
arose in the center full of millions of stars and galaxies, I do not
have words that would do justice to how awe inspiringly beautiful this
vision was. Great Grandmother then told me that this was my
reflection, that it is the reflection of all people, that it is the
truth of what we are and what it is to be human. In that instant Her
words cut straight through me and for a brief moment I was temporarily
lost, disintegrated into the millions of stars in the mirror before

As I slowly returned to a sense of my-self and a single location, I
watched as the universe coalesced into a single luminous figure like
form with earth and sky energy pouring though it, Great Grandmother
explained how this was the teaching: to remember that this is what
each of us truly is and to try to live holding this view / perspective
of both ourselves and of everyone we meet or interact with. That doing
this this will make a great many things possible! Great Grandmother
Bear encouraged me to share this teaching / experience with as many
others as I can.

I was then led away by my guide as there was other business to take
place that I was not privy to at this time. We left the cavern,
ascending back up the path we arrived by and returned the way we came
to cross back over.’

May we all find and see this place within ourselves and most
importantly within others!

Bright blessings to you.

Gabrielle x


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