Hæling ForescýwaHealing Our Shadows…

This drawing is taken from some healing journeys I did around working deeply with the gifts of our shadow.

The work was inspired especially by all the political and racial unrest currently happening around the world and the resultant fear (and all its concomitant symptoms) that it is calling out of many people’s shadows.

The teachings I was gifted with were focused on real-ising the inherent power of our ‘shadows’ at the personal as well as trans-personal level ( i.e. racial and cultural shadows.) We are moving through a very uncomfortable but critical time of change and healing, like the great serpent writhing and rubbing its body, shedding its old skin so that it can leave behind that which no longer serves it and can emerge a new.

If you are (understandably) encountering strong emotions or reactions to what is going on, then please try, wherever possible, to not buy into the fear and hate that some forces are perpetuating. Try to see these feelings as the gift and the empowering opportunity that they truly are. They offer us the gift of having some of our shadow brought out into the light and the opportunity to heal and integrate it.

It is only through us making conscious these shadow parts of ourselves, healing and integrating them and claiming their power that they can serve us and not those that would manipulate them for their own ends.

Our shadows, made conscious and healed have the kind of power we really need to bring to bear on all the intolerance, fear and hate that happening at this time.

Bright blessings to you, I honor the light and the shadow within you all!

Gabrielle x


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