Wishing you all a wonderful and luminous Samhain, offering gratitude and thanks to all of our ancestors – those who came before us and those who will come after us – our children’s children.

These are a series of touch drawings I did this morning after calling to the ancestors for guidance and connection, to help deepen my relationship with them as well as to honour them this Samhain.

From left to right they are titled:

1. ‘Calling the ancestors’
2. ‘In the Woods of my ancestors’
3. ‘Always with me’

I also did a journey to meet with my ancestors, it was a beautiful journey full of medicine that left me feeling very humbled.

They talked of connection, and how they are always with us, that they are not separate from the living, that they walk among and alongside us throughout our lives. That they aid and guide us in our lives when possible, and hold space for us as we learn from our mistakes and stumbles in life.

That it is by living full, meaningful, passionate and juicy lives, by really enjoying ourselves that we truly honour them, for our lives are the most beautiful and fleeting of gifts!

To all our ancestors, I raise my glass to you, you have my heartfelt gratitude! Thank you all!

Blessings to you all this Samhain! See you round the Fire!