Initiation on the Lunar path and the Medicine of Moon.

I just finished this painting this morning, the first piece of a series exploring my recent work with Grandmother Moon and the teachings that she has gifted me with to share.

This painting was sourced from a very profound experience that I underwent and posted about the other week:

“Last night I had a very powerful experience, one that I doubt I will ever forget. I awoke at 12.55 am exactly, totally awake, lucid and brimming with more energy than I knew what to do with.

My body had become a vast dark and infinite ocean sparkling with white stars stretching out as far as the eye could see… and I was being sung by Grandmother Moon (Mama Kia).

I could feel her orchestrating the pulse of the ebb and flow of my tides, I was saturated in her silver brilliance as she shaped and transformed me. I just lay there for hours experiencing this communion with Her, towards the end of this She told that I was now her daughter – ‘a daughter of the Moon.’

I wish you all, my sisters, my brothers, my kin, the brilliance and blessings of Grandmother Moon’s light upon your paths!

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Gabrielle x