‘Hamrammr’Shape-shifting into our highest potential…

I just finished this painting after a week of some of the most intensive work I have experienced to date. I spent this last week standing in the broad fast running river of my ancestors with it pouring through me into over ten paintings that I have been bridging simultaneously.

Hamrammr (literally Shape Strong) is about shape-shifting our energy and form, but not into something other than our selves… but in to that which we truly are! We allow all the masks that we have constructed to finally drop away, to dissolve, revealing the misconceptions that we have about ourselves that hold us back and keep us small.

We can then step forward onto our path as we truly are – as our most highest of potentials… our resplendent luminous form!

I would like to leave you with one of my favourite quotes by C.S. Hyatt:

“…You take people as you find them: they all have a secret life inside, and they usually die without ever letting it out. That is the waste. The waste is not something they are not. The waste is not living what they are…”

Wishing you all a truly wonderful and most luminous weekend, may you all stand proud and be ever uncompromisingly you! 🙂

Gabrielle x


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