‘Tree of Vitality’Journeys to the Underworld (Helheim)…

This painting is taken from a journey I did a while back to the Underworld for teachings to map, return with and share. I was guided deep through dense ancient forests, deep into the heart of the Underworld. Here I was introduced through song to the ‘Tree of Vitality’.

I was invited to journey once more, a journey within a journey, deep into the tree through a portal in its luminous trunk for further encounters.

The Underworld, among many other things is a place of great vitality, life and Power. It is a place where Power comes to hide and rest when given away or lost, as well as a place for it to be re-encountered when we are once again ready to hold it more fully.

This was a truly beautiful and moving journey, one whose influence is still rippling out into my life even now.

May we all learn to hold and walk in our Power with grace, humility and integrity!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

Gabrielle x


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