Bifrost (The Tremulous Bridge) – Becoming the bridges we traverse…

Bifrost is a recent piece from an extended series of work on understanding more deeply the concept of where we go when we are journeying, crossing from one place to another.

Who or what is it that is moving and making the journey? Throughout our lives we have the experience of constantly transitioning from one moment to the next, from one life experience to another. There is the ongoing appearance and perceived display of movement and change, however I am not so sure anymore that we ‘go’ or travel anywhere…that we are in fact the movement itself!


‘Standing at the threshold once again
the realisation that there is nowhere to go
but here.

We are the liminal embodied
neither there nor here
moving ever from the center
treading the radiant serpentine path
back to ourselves…
to realise we were never apart!

We travel without moving
becoming the bridges
that we traverse.’

Wishing you all many bright blessings, may you each blaze brightly and uncompromisingly on your path! 🙂

Gabrielle x


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