You are the boundless waters that creation dances in!

This is a drawing I did this morning, connecting with the energy of primordial ‘Water’. I have been doing some focused work with the energies of the elements in my personal practice recently, and am currently mapping them into mandalas and paintings.

I am working with the energies behind the elements, rather than the literal physical element itself (which is a signpost to these energies.). No matter how complicated things may appear, they can always be taken back to their energetic constituent parts – the four elements and the luminous boundless space in which they arise.

Luminous boundless space is the ground of all being, it is our true nature, we are this vast spaciousness, we are not separate, we are the fertile emptiness in which all things arise, live and then fade away into. It is the arising and dance of the four primordial elements within this space that creates the myriad of forms that is the dream we experience around us in each moment. We are Spirit!

A purely intellectual understanding of this will not help us on its own, it is through a direct experience of this that we can begin to truly grasp the power and far reaching implications of this overly abused cliche. By grounding it through experience we can begin to bring this realisation’s medicine into our everyday life and apply it to each moment.

Remember this when you feel small or limited… you are the boundless space that creation dances in! You are Spirit! It doesn’t get any bigger than that! Don’t sell yourself short.

I shall leave you with a beautiful watery quote I came accross today:

“I have sea foam in my veins,
for I understand
the language of waves.”

Le Testament d’Orphee

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Gabrielle x