‘Shedding the Masks’ – letting go to reveal our true face…

This is a touch drawing I did around a sense of letting go of ‘roles’ I have been working with recently. About ‘Shedding the masks’, the really deeply ingrained ones that we have had for so long we all but forgot what they really were.

This drawing came from a sense of a sudden release of some masks I had discovered I had been wearing for a very long time.

I have been working quite intensely with a sitting practice on a daily basis for the last few months, and it has acted like an energetic exfoliator (more like sandblaster!) I have just been sitting and watching these masks come up and fall away.

Such a simple practice with such powerful side effects! As a result I am finding that a have far more clarity and far less filters through which I experience the world.

Which masks are you ready to let go of?

Gabrielle x