Mountain Plant Spirit – encounters with the Unseen stewards of the land…

This drawing is taken from some recent work exploring different ways to share, express and communicate my work and experiences with those Unseen inhabitants of the land. It is part of a new ongoing body of work to record my land work on site.

As an animist, my main focus is the relationships and connections between humans, nature and the unseen – those liminal thresholds where two become three.

This work and my path is to counter-balance the spell of dis-enchantment that has been cast upon our society; the rejection of mystery in the frantic scramble to explain, label and control everything.

This work is an evocation to those mysteries that sit coiled, waiting, just behind the illusionary veil of the ‘rational’ world. It is a call for them to come forth so that they may once again become part of our story, re-vitalising us in the process.

By trying to explain away the mysterious nature of the world, we destroy the power that is our birthright. We have become reliant on others, the media, our governments to tell us how to think and feel. We have become domesticated, cowed and tamed, unable to think for ourselves.

We dupe ourselves into giving up our living wild-fire for shiny plastic torches, ensnaring ourselves in a cycle of having to buy batteries for a narrow, dim and domesticated light; one that does not warm us, nourish, protect or feed us.

When we reclaim our inner wild-fire, we once again find ourselves illuminating the vast, untamed forest of our potential. The place where wild things and magical possibilities exist. Where we have the power to re-wild ourselves and reclaim the full potential that is being fully human.

Wishing you all a wonderful, wild and luminous week! and may you seek out and find your untamed forest of potential.

Gabrielle x


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