Móddren (Ancestral Mothers) – Invoking the guidance, power & protection of our Ancient Ancestral Mothers…

These last few months I have been working on traveling, journeying deeper and further than ever before along the ancestral streams (Ǣþel brōcas), tracking far back to connect with the Ancient Ancestral Mothers.

These are wisdom keepers who tend the ancestral streams, who are whole, healed and truly might filled matriarchs! Those who dedicate their work to healing all of our ancestors who may be wounded, in distress or suffering, who guide with their infinite wisdom & fierce compassion and who protect with all their might.

This piece is dedicated in loving gratitude to them all, may we each have the capacity to feel their support, to hear and receive their wisdom. May we honour them all by blazing each day with an unrelenting brilliance, one that disperses that which would seek to put us and our truly unique expression of life down. May we each walk our path with a fierceness of dignity and sense of self worth… for we are all their kin!

Wishing you all the blessings of your Ancient Ancestral Mothers – The Móddren.

Gabrielle x

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