Hrán Móddren – Mother Of Reindeer… My recent work has been leading me deeper into an existing teaching relationship with Reindeer (Hrán), who have been working with me to open this out onto another level. I have several main teachers that I work with in various capacities, but my work of late with the Hrán seems to be swiftly moving into new areas and to a much deeper level than I had hoped was possible.

In retrospect, I see now that my trials with covid last year, my ongoing ones navigating long covid and the resulting personal healing work it has necessitated, have all helped lay the ground for this rapidly blooming relationship. I am not sure I can do it justice with words, there is a sense of such great hope and profound depths ahead, like I am being prepared for a dive into the vast depths of a lake but am still only waist deep at the shores edge.

I have been gradually emerging from the last year and half with a much greater capacity for surrender (…or am much less deluded about any sort of order or control), which is a very important capacity for shamanic and animist spirit work – the ability to truly get out of the way. It turns out that those immense tectonic pressures that I thought would utterly destroy me, have succeeded only in shattering some of the hard calcified casings of fear that I had so desperately clung to… mistakenly taking them for protection.

This is hard work, but deeply rewarding in ways I never thought possible. I have tried my best to share the experience of being in the presence of the Hrán Móddren through this first of what I expect will be many pieces of a larger body of work. It is my hope that this work will serve as a bridge for their healing and deep compassion into the world at this time – to spark what I have felt within others too. I feel that they have much to teach and share with us, which will hopefully help us in some small way to navigate these difficult times and possibly find a new more whole & healed way forward.

Wishing you all many bright blessings in your lives, good health and well-being!

Gabrielle x


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