‘Initiation’The serpentine path of death, transformation & change…

This painting is the culmination of recent teachings received on many journeys to visit Serpent.

As is very often the case, what started out as one thing…became something else entirely! πŸ™‚

These journeys turned out to be the preparatory work for an initiation, as well as teachings about ‘initiation’ itself as a path, process and form of healing.

Below are the words I was given to share alongside this map.

Wishing you all a luminous Wednesday!

Gabrielle x



‘Descending, spiraling, twisting & turning
She leads us deeper
into the earth,
a sinuous dance
whose steps lead to the little death.

The waters fall,
the sun & moon balance
The earth is solid and the fires rise.

The signs are clear,
in the winds
a call, long time heard
is now finally heeded.

β€œThe path with no beginning
or end
starts here!”

To die to live is a truth known,
but rarely embraced.

The innermost thresholds of initiation
are always present,
patiently waiting for us to cross,
to cross over and become.

They say out in the desert is where it all began
but the stars are where this cycle will end,
within Great Rivers of Light.’


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