‘Arising’the power of transformation within a lifetime, holding our power & shapeshifting into our evolution!

This painting is the final piece of the series of paintings (see also ‘The Gifts Are In The Signs’, ‘Boldness In Becoming’, ‘Our Spirits Are Always With us’ & ‘White Heart Fire’) that I have working on around the noble virtue of ‘Boldness’ and the medicine it can bring when we embrace it consciously in our lives. This is the mapping of the final stage of the journey – Arising!

These paintings follow and map the theme of healing, surrendering our old hindering patterns and ways of being.They are about growing trust and listening to the teachings & guidance of our Spirits so that we may find the boldness to step into our becoming – finally arising as our luminous selves!

Below are the words I was given to share alongside this map.

Wishing you all a luminous Wednesday!

Gabrielle x



The time is now!

Pushing forth
from the waters of creation,
breaking the surface
The Great Mother pours into me.

A serpent arises,
I ride her across the threshold
and I am loosed from her coils.

Hands raised in greeting,
palm to palm,
welcomed home once more.

To hunt that which we fear most
and to risk finding that which we seek.

The cycles and tides of time that roll on,
left behind,
are without meaning here.

The ecstatic pain of the infinite,
the power of transformation within a lifetime.
We must die to live,
over, over and over again.

Shape-shifting into our evolution,
leaving behind the borders of limiting lands,
of minds too scared to see
the decimating beauty of who and what we truly are.

To earn the right to hold our power
and to be ready to transform, beyond even this.

The Great Mother emerges
embracing those bold enough to cross the threshold,

I searched for you for so long
and you were here all the time.

Oh Great Mother,
you who are known by a thousand names
and you who are known in a thousand forms,
grant me your blessings
as I arise!


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