Gāldra A Song of Becoming, Transformation & Healing… I finished this piece a while back as part of a series I had been working on since the beginning of the new year.

Gāldra continues on from the previous painting – Hopan (Hope). It is based on some of the intense healing work I have been doing around all that is occurring with the pandemic, both on a personal & trans-personal level.

This piece was an especially powerful one to bridge and explores this sense of coming together, the gathering up of the parts of our self scattered by trauma & grief. It is an altar to the powers of integration, transformation and renewal.

Gāldra is about working with those experiences which have worn us down, that have traumatised us, shattering us into a thousand pieces and cast us to the winds. It is about compassionately and tenderly gathering up that which is left, accepting that we will never be the same and gently placing them into the fire to be transformed – an offering of ourselves to our Self.

There is theory called Post Traumatic Growth (P.T.G.) which talks about taking traumatic experiences and utilising them as a catalyst to surpass our previous stage of personal development. Taking that which might have wounded us and using it to transform ourselves, to empower us, to grow beyond and make us even more resilient. This is the essence of Gāldra – that out of trauma can emerge beauty, transformative growth and empowerment.

For those of you who have been left reeling from the last year and a half in one way or another, you are not alone… there is hope! I offer this painting, this altar to you all. May it remind us all that we hold such profound beauty and depths of potential within each and everyone of us. That sometimes it takes harsh trials to draw this out of us, to remind us of what we’re all really capable of… of the magnificent beings that we truly are!

I wish each and everyone of you many bright luminous blessings on your paths!

Gabrīelle x