I have in part, been spending the last few weeks revisiting some of my older works, reflecting on the direction my work has taken and how it has developed over the last five years or so. I have been feeling some of my older pieces even now speak very strongly to where I am heading with my current work.

Aos Sidhe (People of the Barrow) is one specific piece that has been speaking extensively to me. This was a piece born from a period of working very deeply with the local land and its attending ancestral spirits. For me personally, it expresses and bridges my experiences at the time very well, it was not over polished and still retains the energy and rawness of the mark making well…something I am looking to bring back more into my work.

Aos Sidhe found its home in a private collection in the US some 6yrs ago, so unfortunately I no longer have access to the original. However I have ordered a large print for my studio, so I can move forward with Aos Sidhe helping to guide me in forthcoming works.

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Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

Gabrīelle x