‘Fire of Transformation’ Healer, Transformer & Liberator of the Light within!

This is the final painting mapped from my journeys to Serpent for teachings on the elements.

It has been a particularly intense journey birthing this painting, and I am looking forward to a brief energetic cool off after this one!

These journeys have been my first teachings on Fire as one of the four main energetic elements / powers of creation.

Some of these journeys included some very transcendental and ecstatic experiences.

Throughout my journeys I was shown how Fire is one of the most powerful of healers in every way! How Fire is evolutive and transformative, clearing and removing that which is stuck or blocked and how this can appear as destruction or annihilation when we fight it .

Fire purifies and cleanses us, it releases the Soul’s light within us. We have but to surrender to it and to let go, to rise up into all that we can become. Fire is ever reaching for a higher vibration of energy.

Wishing you all a luminous Wednesday! May we all blaze with the brilliant light of our Soul’s Fire!

Gabrielle x


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