Éðlas PæðAncestral Path… Once again as we begin the slow spiral descent into the darker half of the year (here in the northern hemisphere), I am feeling more strongly than ever the song of my ancestors – the ancient and beloved dead.

‘Éðlas Pæð’ continues on from some very deep and intense ongoing ancestral work I started several years ago, from seeking out my kindred and the lineages of spirits that have looked over, blessed and protected them for many generations.

It is once again a reminder to each and everyone of us, that we all have such ‘Kin-fylgja’ deep within our familial & ancestral bloodlines, looking out for us, our families and their welfare. Now, more than ever with the big paradigm shifts and changes going on in the world could we benefit from connecting or re-connecting with them.

May the hearth fires of your ancestral halls burn bright & true, may their brilliance guide and illuminate your path through this life.

Gabrielle x