Cwén (Lady Sovereign)
Becoming as the great Tree (Mímameiðr)
a tremulous bright axis
she bridges Earth & Sky
the four corners echo
to the rhythm of her stang
Bifrost resounds with her song.
The Serpent’s coils are loosed
carrying her across the threshold
spiraling, twisting & turning
leading her deeper into the world
a sinuous dance
whose steps lead to the little death.The cycles and tides of time that roll on
now left behind are without meaning here
the nine worlds coalesce.
The ecstatic pain of the infinite
the power of transformation within a lifetime
she must die to live
over, over and over again.To earn the right to hold her power
and to be ready to transform
beyond even this
her presence Immanent in all worlds
vibrating the luminous fibers of the web.The innermost thresholds of initiation
are ever present,
patiently waiting for us to cross.
The signs are clear,
the call, long time heard
is now finally heeded.
The path with no beginning
or end starts here!

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