‘Between Worlds’ A new beginning…

During my annual hibernation over the solstice and Yule period, I could feel a big internal shift in my work happening. It was like brushing up against a vast whale, so large that I could not see all of it at one glance, but still very aware of its presence.

I was dreaming deeply in the darkness, going back to my roots, to my very first spiritual experiences and memories as a child. I used to have regular and very intense dreams (some of my very first memories) that involved myriads of colourful geometric shapes floating out of the darkness that would come and visit me and talk with me at great length. We would have many conversations held not with words but with pulsing colours.

These dreams were the very beginnings of my path in this life, and it is this feeling and presence that I am endeavoring to bring into and express in my work. I still feel their presence even now in my shamanic work, journeys and as I walk the land.

Here is the first painting ‘Between Worlds’ to herald this new beginning!

Blessings on your path where ever it may lead you! 

Gabrielle x


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