‘Thurs’ encounters with dissolutive land wights, honoring the dark, dull and ‘ugly’ & working with shadow…

This is a commissioned painting I did for a Thurs (a dissolutive land wight) that lives behind my studio, who I did some work with after an encounter with her during my journeys.

‘Thurs’ are often described in the Northern traditions as being of the giant race (Jotunn). They are primal chaotic nature spirits, as old as the land itself if not even older! They were here way before we were even a twinkle in the Gods’ eyes.

Behind my studio is a bit of what I thought was no-mans land, left to grow wild. But as it turned out was inhabited by a Thurs, one who had been feeling un-acknowledged and who also held some shadow for me personally.

We had several meetings, under very controlled circumstances with my teachers & guides present. Thurs should be approached with great caution in my experience as they will attack you, it is nothing personal, it is just in their nature. Never turn your back on one, something I found out at my expense!

I learned many things about the power of dissolutive medicine including ‘That which can be broken, must be broken!’. WIthout the dissolutive breaking everything down we would have no room (or food!) for the evolutive, no growth. There are many positive uses for this kind of energy, including getting rid of and shedding traits that no longer serve us.

This Thurs also held some shadow for me, she talked about how I ignored the dark, ugly and dull in my paintings, choosing only to paint the shiny and bright! I had to admit she was right. Whilst it is not the focus of my painting and shamanic work, it is something that needs to be acknowledged and honored from time to time.

In gratitude for all the teachings and ‘light’ on my own shadow, I agreed to do a painting in her honor.

The painting was painted under very specific conditions, including being painted in the dark (which was interesting!) and was not to be ‘pretty’ or beautified in any way from the map I was given. Once completed I was to share the painting and my experience. The physical painting was to be offered back in a fire ceremony and the ashes scattered with milk over where she lives (which has now been done and was gratefully received.)

So this is my offering in honor of the Thurs, and all shadow out there both mine and yours.

I honor the light and the dark in you all!

Have a great weekend.

Gabrielle x


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