‘Beloved’ I am really pleased to announce that Luitha K Tamaya (my wife 🙂 ) has just released a new book of her poetry entitled ‘Beloved’!

So here is one of the many beautiful and powerful poems taken from ‘Beloved’ to start your weekend off in a soul-full way 🙂

‘I am soul’

I am soul – bright fearsome joy, deep earthy heat –
I am reaching skyward, rooting,
breathing my dreams,
budding in circular creation.

I am lightning, hot electric, broad and sharp,
and so, so soft; my tears run free.
Great ageless expanse, un-seeable,
oscillating as starlight;
I am shimmering bliss.

I am strong wings, so light, so heavy –
soar and be still – a smile,
but what do I know?

I am unstoppable, great flow,
great tide drawn by itself –
the mystery. I am laughing.

I am fierce love, dissolving radiation,
breaking open while carrying as gentle as a breeze.
I am a breath, sweet yearning;
wild song on the wind.

By L.K.Tamaya

Beloved is available on Amazon, click here.

Gabrielle x


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