Bælfýr – ᛢ – (Healing Fires) The path of death, transformation & healing.

This painting is taken from some recent ceremony and healing journey work I did working with Fire. The work was focused around shedding old patterns in order to more fully step into our power and deeper onto our paths.

Stepping onto the path of death & transformation
unconditionally surrendering to the sacrificial fire
an offering made of ourselves to our Self.

We must leave behind us
the borders of comfortable but limiting forms,
of minds too scared to see
the decimating beauty of who and what we all truly are.

We must hunt that which we fear most
and risk finding that which we seek.

It is only by letting go that we truly receive
the ability to fully hold and embody our power…
and yet we must remain unclinging, ever ready
to transform, beyond even this!’

Wishing you all a truly luminous Wednesday! May we all blaze with the brilliant light of our Soul’s Wild Fire!

Gabrielle x


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