I had a wonderful experience the other day during my wanderings, whilst connecting particularly deeply with the Land. I managed to open up more than usual and experienced the flow of the Land and all its features in a very visceral and visual way.
Before leaving I went to the highest point in the land, a small rocky bluff, to make my customary offering to that area of Land and all its kin (with whom I am slowly building a relationship with.) I created an impromptu crossroad of found gorse wood, making an offering of seeds, grains, milk & honey as a gesture of gratitude and of my desire for the continuing growth of our friendship.
As I finished and turned to leave it was as if the immediate surrounding area suddenly erupted with awareness, I’m not sure of any other way to describe it. I saw countless little black figures approx. one foot high all watching and stepping out from within the surrounding gorse bushes, from behind plants and rocks. I was quite taken aback as they had a very intense and strong presence that caught me completely by surprise (see above sketch).
I wish you all many bright blessings on your paths & a wonderful magic filled week ahead!
Gabrielle x


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