Völva – Song carriers, vessels of ancestral wisdom and knowledge…

‘She travelled deep into the heart of the mountains as the stars wheeled overhead, to a place where humankind were myth and the land spoke with ease.

The way had been long and arduous, yet she never lost hope even through the most challenging of trials. Her trust in the Ancestors and the path that lay before her ran bone deep.

Mountain’s slow archaic song resounded deeply throughout her entirety, summoning forth the songs of her most ancient of ancestors held within her body… carried silently for so long.

The song of a thousand mothers grows louder and louder, until she can can contain it no more. Bursting forth, shattering her temporal vessel, she is swept away upon the song stream …journeying deep along the ancestral paths into the Unseen.

Soon she would be reunited with her kin and the new cycle of work could begin.’

Wishing you all a blessed Tuesday & a wonderful rest of your week!

Gabrielle x


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