Utisetatraveling a full circle and returning home… This painting is taken from some ongoing shamanic work (both personal & trans-personal) I have been conducting over the last few years around the theme of belonging and finding the home of our ancestors – our true home.

The works’ primary focus is on forging a deeper connection with our lineages and finding our true place amongst our kin – the beloved and ancient dead.

Although initially personal work, its message is trans-personal and speaks to all of us about claiming the power and gifts of our heritage. Knowing that we do not face our path through this life alone, but instead stand shoulder to shoulder with all of our kin who came before us.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating – that to live a life without a connection with your ancestors is like being a tree, trying to grow without deep roots – you can survive but it’s hard to really thrive. It is an unnecessary hardship especially when life can be hard enough allot of the time. We have so many helping ancestors willing to help, guide and support us as we walk through this life. They are waiting patiently for us to but ask.

I truly wish you all many bright blessings from your ancestors, especially those of you who may be going through a particularly hard time at the moment.

May you live well with them & find your place amongst them.

Gabrielle x


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