Unforhtigende (Fearless) – ‘Even gods will appear as monsters, when approached with fear…’

A recently finished piece taken from some ritual, journey and healing work I did around encounters with some intimidatingly powerful presences. It made me think about how our reflexive response to these type of encounters can, understandably be fear and it reminded me of the phrase: ‘Even gods will appear as monsters, when approached with fear…’

If we encounter something greater than ourselves, or something that makes us feel somehow small or vulnerable in anyway, we tend to leap (in our fearful state) to the conclusion that whatever it is we have encountered is somehow ‘bad’. We need to differentiate between an encounter that is potentially dangerous and that may harm us, to one that is merely threatening our sense of self.

Whether we have this type of encounter in day to day life, personal healing work or whilst journeying deep into the Unseen makes no difference. It is an opportunity to use the encounter as a mirror, to look closely at ourselves and to illuminate those places within us that lay unexplored or locked away in the shadows. For maybe… just maybe, those parts of yourself that you fear to face, that you deny exist, that you label demons or monsters and project out into the world are in fact actually gods and powerful allies waiting to help you.

All we need is to summon our courage, that we might begin to approach them without fear.

Approaching our emotional reactions to these type of encounters in this way can make all the difference. If you are (understandably) encountering strong emotions or reactions to what is going on in the world, then please try, wherever possible, to not buy into the fear and hate that some forces are perpetuating. Try to see these feelings as the gift and the empowering opportunity that they truly are. They offer us the gift of having some of our shadow brought out into the light and the opportunity to heal and integrate it – to realise that our monsters after all might in fact be gods.

It is only through us making conscious these shadow parts of ourselves, healing and integrating them and claiming their power that they can serve us and NOT those that would manipulate them for their own ends. Our shadows, made conscious and healed have the kind of power we really need to bring to bear on all the intolerance, fear and hate that happening at this time.

Bright blessings to you, I honor the light and the shadow within you all!

Gabrielle x


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