‘The Smithy’ knowing when to let go of that which we have outgrown…

This is a recent sketch taken from my journal after a powerful journey all about transition, during which I visited ‘The Smithy’ in his forge in the depths of the barrow.

Allot has been changing on my path, especially as I become more and more deeply engaged with my ancestral teachings & ways.

During this journey I was gifted with a new body, I was told in a very matter of fact way that I had reached the limits of how far I could go in my old one. With this gift came a series of instructions I am to follow closely, one of which included shedding what have been some very key elements at the core of my practice to date.

This has been yet again another lesson in trust as well as knowing when something has fulfilled its purpose and has had its time, no matter how familiar and comfortable it is!

It is important when we have built up this kind of level of trust in our teachers, to be prepared to let go and let our path evolve.

Gabrielle x


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