‘The Most Precious Of Things’ The beauty of connecting with our ancestral lands…

This is a recent map celebrating the true jewel-like beauty of being connected and nourished by your ancetsral lands and their spirits.

I have been away from my ancestral lands, only to return and find that our connection has grown even deeper, that I am truly in love with the land and her wards. I feel their song thrumming in my bones, I hear them as my bare feet hold converstaions with the mountain paths and forests.

It is my sincere wish that many others also find this level of connection and depth of relationship, that they can take it gently into their hearts and nurture it as it in turn nurtures them. Not clinging, grasping or trying to own it for it is no-ones, because it is everyones!

Wishing you all a most luminous of days

Gabrielle x


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