Above a three drawings I did whilst in conversation with a stone peep that called (more like shouted!) to me the other day.

They are titled from left to right:

1. Call of the Khuya
2. Observation by stone
3. Khuya teachings

I spent the day in conversation with it, carrying it with me, sharing energy and establishing what its medicine and message(s) are for me.

I then slept with it under my pillow last night with the same intent and had the most vivid, powerful and clear dreaming I have had in quite a while. Stone people are master dreamers!

In the tradition and lineage I come from we work with the stone people a lot. We work with them for healing, divination, connecting with the energetic realm and dreaming to name a few of the ways.

A stone that has a specific medicine for you to share and bring into your life, and that you consciously work with is called a ‘Khuya’… which is a Quero term meaning ‘affection‘. It is through their affection and fondness for us that these stones kindly share their wisdom teachings gained through aeon’s of dreaming.

My dreaming bundle (Mesa) is comprised of many Khuyas that have sought me out over the years to share their medicine with me and those who I work with. The stone people have so much wisdom and medicine to share…we have but to still ourselves and listen.

– If you have a particular issue, problem or important question that you need guidance on, why not ask the stone people?

At the start of the day set your intent clearly to meet a stone that has medicine and teachings that can help you with your question. Maybe go for a walk with the same intent, just keep your intent clear and mind open.

When you come across the stone you will know, it will make itself known to you (go with your gut instinct, no mental debates and second guessing yourself!) And fair warning they can sometimes make themselves known in the most unexpected ways!

Then spend some time quietly sitting with it, looking at it, feeling it, smelling it, talking to it. Establish a connection with it, then respectfully ask it what its medicine / gifts are, how you can work with them and how you can apply their particular medicine to help you with your current question. Then be open, patient and still and wait for the reply.

Don’t forget to ask if there is anything you can do for them too.

If you haven’t worked with the stone people before (or if you have / do) and give this a go, I would love to hear how you get on.

I offer my gratitude to the stone people for their generosity in sharing their wisdom and making their medicine available to us.

Blessings on your path.

Gabrielle x