‘Spirit of the Centre’ – Medicine of Clarity, Purity & Beauty…

This is the seventh painting in my series mapping the compass, helping to deepen my personal relationship with the six directions.

This has been a very powerful and transformational painting to birth, it has taken me on a huge journey over the last week.

This painting is a luminous map to our centre, where we stand whole and complete, truly holding our power and bridging our medicine into this world! Spirit of the Centre talked to me of three teachings, those of: Clarity, Purity & Beauty.

Clarity is clarity of purpose, clarity of understanding about our soul’s purpose, where we have come from, why we are here now and how we can all bring our unique contributions and manifest them in the world.

Purity is a result of the journey to clarity. It is the purity of being who ‘We’ truly are, no longer covertly working against ourselves, having shed everything that blocks us from directly expressing and living our Medicine.

Beauty is what We all are. It comes from manifesting the clear and pure beauty that comes from truly living our soul’s purpose, truly knowing that we are energetic beings, that we have infinite potential and are the collective dreamers of creation!

This map is for all of you courageous beings making your own unique journey to the Centre, and offered with gratitude as thanks to all of those luminous beings in the world who already stand there, encouraging us ever inward! 🙂

Gabrielle x


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