Opening & Receiving The Ways.’

This painting is the next in the series of maps I was given by Serpent and is a continuation from my last painting ‘Initiation’.

It explores the journey of initiation and how after this initiatory process we move into a stage of opening & receiving.

Below are the words I was given to share alongside this map.


Opening & Receiving The Ways.

‘Born within the beginning-less Void,
Great Serpent, Initiator!
Bringer of the oldest knowledge and wisdoms,
coiled in the blackness
giving birth to the 100,000 things,
pushing us through the canal of initiation
to the opening of wisdom.

Emerging from the cave,
from death comes life,
an opening to the Ways,
we must not cling, if we are to receive
the very first wisdoms,
borne by Serpent
out of the Great Mother.

The very first sacrifice to form.

Stepping into the river,
embracing that which has been hard won!
To know that which cannot
and to walk with this wisdom in our lives.
To become carriers of a blazing Truth
against which all ignorance is turned to ash,
relinquished and scattered to the winds
an offering of ourselves to our Self.

An owl rises…..finally free!

We have but to listen
to that quiet whispering in our bones,
to coax it until it becomes
an all consuming ROAR!
To hear the truth that cannot be taught,
That we were mistaken
in making the word ‘Human’
so, so small!

The gift is always being offered,
we have but to let go
to take it into our hands,
to carry it in our hearts!’

Gabrielle x


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