Kin Fylgja ancestral protectors, guides and teachers… This painting, from several years ago, is taken from some powerful experiences & teachings I received whilst journeying on the abundance of spiritual support and help that we all have available to us. It is a piece of work whose effects I still feel rippling throughout my life today. In light of the current climate I felt that there might be benefit from sharing their message once again.

We are held at all times by our Spirits, we have been since before taking our first steps into this world and will continue to be long after we leave this mortal coil. The amount we can access this support and guidance depends on how conscious we are of our relationships with our Spirits and how much we choose to nurture and grow them.

From my personal experience these are infinitely rewarding and nourishing relationships, full of beauty, support and love. They have supported me through some of the toughest times in my life and without whom it is no exaggeration to say I would probably not be here today. ‘Connecting with your spirits and guides’ has sadly become a very hackneyed phrase over the years. It is not a head thing, it is not a flight of wishful or creative thinking as those with no direct experience may believe. It is a truly deep visceral knowing, an expansive feeling of connection and of being held. It is a knowing deep within in your heart & bones that you do not face your struggles alone. That you have others supporting you in the unseen, who stand side by side with you wishing only for you to thrive and succeed on your path through life.

If you don’t already have a relationship with your helping Spirits and would like to start one, simply ask them for help or to make themselves known to you in any way that feels right to you, open your heart…and listen. If you take a few quiet minutes each day to do this, the beginnings of something truly beautiful will begin to bloom within you and your life. It would be my wish that everyone feel this connection and support in their lives, especially at this time.

May you all walk well with your Spirits during this week ahead.

Gabrielle x


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