‘Hálnes’Wholeness, healing and holding space for peace within ourselves …

This recently finished painting is taken from some journeying and shamanic work I have been doing around all the chaos and change I have been witnessing going on in the world. It feels like one of the more powerful maps I have bridged to date and is full of hope for humanity as we move through these changing and challenging times.

It speaks of us being at peace with ourselves as the first and most important step, accepting and not judging all those myriad of parts that make us whole, the ‘helpful’ and the ‘not so helpful’ – those which combined make us Human. For we truly are a magnificent synergy, capable of the most profoundly beautiful and healing dreams for the world!

This map also speaks of the courage it takes to really do your internal work, to make that journey to find the place where you truly love yourself …and then to unreservedly pour this forth as part of your offerings to the world.

We can do this… YOU can do this!

This painting is a call to you all to become part of the generation that help shift the world dream, to dream more deeply and intensely, of more beauty, kindness, patience and tolerance – of societies where everyone is accepted and valued for their gifts they bring to the world.

Wishing you all many bright blessings for the week ahead, may you each blaze brightly and uncompromisingly on your path!

Gabrielle x


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