‘Gift Of The Smithy’A journey of initiation, death & transformation…

This painting I recently finished, is taken from a powerful journey I made the other week all about how to deal with transition, during which I visited ‘The Smithy’ in his forge in the depths of the barrow.

The journey was a teaching around the understanding that sometimes we can only go so far with what we have, that sometimes we just need to relinquish everything, surrender and die in order to move forward.

This journey was made at a time where I was experiencing a particularly big transition, that of stepping deeper into my native ancestral shamanic traditions and in turn further away from the familiarity (comfort!) and last vestiges of the shamanic tradition I was initially apprenticed to. This has required a lot of trust on my part, especially in my teachers and guides.

I am pleased to say that my trust and confidence in them has never once been misplaced, and like all true relationships when put to the test, ours has come out the other side much stronger, deeper and the better for it.

Don’t be afraid to let go of what you have so you can step into who you can be, there is so much help and support available to us – we need only ask.

Wishing you all a luminous Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Gabrielle x


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