Ghosts Of The ForestHealing and Tending the Land…

This recently finished painting is taken from a journey I made into the local mountains and my experiences with some de-forested land and its attending spirits.

Initially I was shocked and deeply saddened upon discovering this area of woodland that was covered with beautiful vibrant Pine’s only a week earlier now decimated like a great temporary scar in Mountain’s side.

There was an air of confusion and grief, with Unseen folk wondering around seemingly lost without the familiar presence of their Pine kin standing tall, proud and skybound.

There were however other Unseen folk who seemed to be tending the land, gathering up loose and severed energies and re weaving them back into the Land herself to create a new flow in the Pine’s absence.

We joined in helping where we could until eventually a new flow and harmonious integrative pattern of energies was formed weaving through the area.

As beings capable of bridging the physical and spirit world any help we can give is valued very highly by the Unseen folk, creating a symbiotic working relationship and together helping to maintain a harmonious physical and spiritual ecology.

Working with the land and Her attendant spirits, they very often respond in surprising and powerful ways. Just a small amount of effort and intent on our part goes a long way. No effort however small goes unnoticed and all work I am told is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all a luminous Wednesday! and harmonious relationships with your local land and its unseen folk.

Gabrielle x


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