I have been busy this week finishing off some pieces as well beginning some new experiments. I have been wanting to start some more work exploring the body as magickal vessel, as a living altar and as home to our Ancestors & spirits. I also feel that there is a very strong connection between body and the Land that I want to explore further as well.

So… I decided to enrol on a few life drawing sessions to utilise as a departure point. I used to really enjoy life drawing a few decades ago, however for me it runs the strong risk of pulling me back toward much more figurative work, which is not what I want and something I am consciously moving more away from. Fylgja is my first completed piece from this experiment, I look forward to sharing more with you shortly.

(Old Norse Fylgja are guardian spirits that accompany a person in connection to their fate.)

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Gabrielle x