‘Following The Signs’ Aligning with our power and divine ancestry…

This painting maps some recent shamanic work and teachings I received around accessing and aligning with our ancestral power. That when we open up to this and invite it into our lives, truly fantastic changes become possible…we start to real-ise our true potential.

Let us re-member and re-occupy what it means to be ‘human’! May it no longer be an excuse for mediocrity and playing small (‘…we’re only human’ they say), but stand for the blinding brilliance and unique magnificence that each and every one of us truly contain and is capable of!

We are each capable of such amazing and beautiful contributions that are our lives, our unique offering to the world. Don’t wait for someone else to show you how, the time is now, the seeds are already within you!

Below are some words that were given to be shared alongside this map:

‘Following The Signs’

‘Waiting by the shore
on Bears back
for the forgotten gods to return.

An owl heralds their immanent arrival,
waiting for the words,
the invitation to walk
amongst us once more,
to realise that they were never gone
is awakening.

Taming and restraining will
only hinder.
The gods favour the bold!
Let loose, let free,
What are you afraid of…?
It is time to awake and remember.

To Embody the gods
is to claim our birthright…
our ancestral power.
Only then will we real-ise
our fullest potential
as divine beings on earth.

The signs are now clear,
they will show the way,
but it is we who must walk the path.’


Gabrielle x


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