Eþelweard (Guardian Spirit of the Land) …I have been having more and more encounters as I roam a specific area of the mountains with a particular group of guardian spirits. Eþelweard is taken from one of my more recent encounters with one of these stewards.

Another I have been encountering has been taking the form of a Sheep Goddess (Eóweas Gyden) for lack of a better description, and has appeared to both my partner and myself on separate occasions in some powerful visions & dreams. They are part of this greater ecology of Unseen stewards of this land, it was they who gifted me the bone I spoke of a while back, which after some research turns out to be a sheep carpal leg bone.

Yet one more piece of this unfolding land work puzzle constellated. I continue to work more with the bone, wood & stone i was gifted, listening to how they fit in with my work in the land as new ceremonial allies & facilitators.

I am still working on one of the exploratory pieces dedicated to the Eóweas Gyden (Sheep Goddess) herself and will hopefully be able to share this with you soon.

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Wishing you all good relations with your local land and a wonderful Wednesday!

Gabrīelle x

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