Earda Steōrra (Land Star) travelling the chthonic path…. Deep in the mountains, seeking knowledge & teachings from the Land was where I first encountered the more chthonic side of my ancestral path.

Out in the wilder parts of the Land (our most ancient Ancestor,) where the human world is but a whispered myth, is where some of the most ancient Spirits dwell. The ones so old and powerful that we often mistake them for gods, but they tell me that they are from before even them.

It is here that I first found Her – as a vast serpent endlessly coiling round Herself. She waits for those that would put their fear aside and risk the encounter – to imbibe from Her well, to receive the offering of Her wisdom and memory – to be gifted ancestral teachings of the Land.

May we each claim the gifts of our ancestral inheritance, may we carry them well on our path through this life and into the next.

I honour the dark and the light in you all!

Gabrielle x

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