Eald- Mōdra – Ancient Mother…Working with our helping & healed Ancestors. This recently finished painting is taken from some of my ongoing shamanic & healing work with my Ancestors. These last few weeks I have been working to reach further and further back, tracking the ancestral paths woven throughout my DNA, spiraling ever inward, deeper and deeper within my body. Simultaneously I am journeying outward, traveling further than I ever have before, pushing my limits and capacity for this work.

I have been working closely with my helping Ancestors, those who are whole and healed and who work tirelessly to heal our line and help it to realise its fullest healed potential. I do this work for those of my Ancestors who are suffering, wounded and need healing. I do this work for my children so that they may have as clear a path as possible ahead, that they may walk side by side with their Ancestors, conscious of their support. That they might live unencumbered by wounded patterns that may lay dormant having traveled down through the generations. I do this work for myself, to help me grow, to heal and to progress on my path and so that I might inspire others to do the same.

The deeper I go into this work, the more I am humbled by the generosity, unceasing kindness and radiant compassion of the helping Ancestors. I feel embarrassed for my younger self, my hubris in taking all the credit for any successes in my life as solely my own, when in reality I was receiving so much unseen help and support, riding on the hard won achievements of my Ancestors. I do this work in earnest now, that I may become the very best I can be in this life, that I might repay the kindness shown to me to others and so that one day I might too become a helping Ancestor to all my kin.

I honour and call on the blessings, guidance and protection of all our Ancient Mothers. May they grant us their wisdom and walk by our side through these challenging times of growth & change.

I wish you all many bright blessings on your path, good health, well-being and a wonderful week.



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